Frequently Asked Questions

Are You Available on This Date?

Please contact me and I can check my calendar. 

How Much Do You Charge?

Please see my Services and Fees page for my pricing

Where Can I get Married?
According to the legislation the place where the solemnisation takes place must be open to the public.  This can be:

* A building that is open to the public or
* A courtyard, garden, yard, field or piece of ground that is open to the public and is near to and usually enjoyed with a building that is open to the public.
In practical purposes, this generally means a hotel or similar.

I want a Humanist wedding, can you help?
I am a Solemniser with the Pagan Federation Ireland and if legally married by me, your marriage certificate would say married in the "Irish Pagan Tradition".   Any legally binding ceremony I perform will have to include recognisable aspects of this tradition, such as welcoming the four directions and the elements, however the ceremony itself would be uniquely yours and we would design that together.  This page has information on the world view of the Pagan Federation Ireland, which is essentially a love of nature, the life force, the seasons, and a respect for the land.

Many people use the word Humanism to mean any ceremony that is not traditionally religious, however we need to be clear on this part.   Weddings performed by solemnisers with the Humanist Association of Ireland have a worldview that is exclusively secular. I'm copying this from their website:
"However, humanists have no belief in a god or the supernatural, relying on scientific evidence and appreciation of the world around us and the achievements of humans. So our ceremonies are secular and non-religious occasions. They are designed to be a positive option for those who share the same philosophical belief system as humanists whether you wish to call yourself a humanist or not, and even whether you are a member of any humanist association or not.
Please think carefully about this choice. If you think you don’t share the same philosophy, or you actually believe in a god or the supernatural, then perhaps a humanist ceremony is not the right choice for you. There are many other organisations out there that would be a more appropriate vehicle for your special day
Likewise, a legally binding ceremony performed by me will include references to the elements of nature, the ancestors, and the spirit of place and time. If you have a worldview that includes a named belief in the Divine, God, Goddess, etc, we can also incorporate that into the ceremony. If your worldview is exclusively atheist, then you would be best served contacting either a Humanist solemniser or conducting your marriage ceremony with the State Registrar.